Eruditor Group Inc.
Eruditor comes from the word "erudite", which is borrowed from Latin: a person is eruditus when instruction and learning followed by digestion and contemplation have effaced all rudeness (ex + rudis), that is to say smoothed away all raw, untrained incivility.

By analogy, the name of our company is intended to symbolize smooth knowledge and a wide intellectual horizon that open up to entrepreneurs in the era of Internet.
About us
Eruditor Group is the BVI holding business company that invests in the most promising companies and teams with disruptive ideas and great return potential.

Our projects are bringing small businesses and freelance professionals online, and offering them a complete infrastructure for marketing their activities as a major enabler of entrepreneurship and online commerce.

The goal is to help SMEs in providing transparency, predictability and fair price to their clients.

At the different stages of a startup's lifecycle, from idea to growth to exit, our company was supported by the most innovative venture funds, such as Altair Capital, Runa Capital, Intel Capital, Frontier Ventures, Redseed and Baring Vostok Capital Partners.
Our projects
We do not participate in any business other than controlling our project companies and sub-holding entities.
All the projects are grouped under three major headings  — consumer internet tools, online marketplaces, and recommendation services — but each of the subsidiaries are stand-alone companies with their own management, offices, and products.
One of the biggest untapped markets of home and local services ($50-80B in Russia only).
Funding only to finance new projects and expand globally.
Experienced team with all initial founders committed to the long-term success of the group.
Advanced level of corporate governance and top-tier investors reducing general investment risks.
Fast and accelerating growth of Profi, Zoon, Hands and relatively small start-up projects.
We are also looking for teams with highly motivated co-founders, combined IT and business experience, as well as a vision of how to make a significant impact in our geo and niche.